At SANA Spine and Physical Therapy we believe that individualized care is the key to success. Our hour sessions are one-on-one and patients are treated by the same physical therapist for all follow-up sessions allowing for consistent treatment. In these sessions, we have the time to discover the true root of your symptoms and develop a treatment plan that is unique to you. By addressing the impairments causing your symptoms, we are able to manage your immediate needs while also mitigating future pain and injury.

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Also, we believe strongly in providing each patient with the tools to improve their quality of life. At SANA we understand that where you are feeling pain may not necessarily be where the problem that’s causing the pain lies, which is why we evaluate and treat the entire body as all of the body’s components are interconnected. Thus, we focus on teaching each patient to become more aware of the adaptations that their bodies have developed over time and teach them how to improve their movement patterns as well as poor postural habits.

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Hands on treatment is a vital component of how we achieve our goals of reducing pain, improving movement patterns, and preventing future injury. Each of our physical therapists has over a decade of experience working in manual intensive physical therapy clinics and they have fine-tuned their skills to bring you efficient and effective care. Come see the difference that individualized care can make in how you enjoy your life.

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